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Would you like to see how interior looks like? Thanks to photos and 360 ° virtual tours, you get a perfect idea of our hotel.

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Without the use of third parties, you are our direct guests - why not reward you for it?

Book direct brings benefits, due to the fact that we do not pay a commission to third parties from this reservation. This reservation is always a bit more advantageous, if not at first glance in terms of price, then the minimum provided benefits, which are:

  • 10% discount in our restaurant
  • 10% discount for WELLNESS services *)
  • 1x coffee or 1x non-alcoholic beverage and dessert during your stay *)
  • 1h bowling for free **)

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*) when staying for 2 or more nights, coffee and desserts from 3PM to 5PM.
**) when staying 3 o more nights