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Forget the rush of the city, busy days and witness the whispering trees, murmuring brook, burbling stream and fresh air.

Trip around Sloups

You will set off here, at Stará Škola hotel and head uphill passing the pharmacy, where you’ll join a forest path.Sloup a okolí Then the hill rises slowly on your left side and you should arrive to RELAXA camp and swimming pool. Go from here heading to Sloup passing apartment blocks and petrol station to Pelegrinka crossroad and a bus stop. Continue past the little chapel through fields to the hill Neselov. Go ahead with Sloup behind your back until you come to a meadow from where you’ll see a road to Petrovice. Go down to this road and continue heading Sloup. Turn right on the big crossroad. On this straight path turn left to a cart track still heading to Sloup until you come across stony path. Walk down the path to a road, which will lead you to Pelegerinka crossroad. You’ll head to the caves, where you’ll join a nature trail to the exit of Sloupsko-šošůvské caves. The last stage goes along the trail to the entrance/main building of the caves and along the road to Stará Škola hotel.

Most of the tracks are not blazed (marked), suitable for hiking. If you want to bike, we recommend to go in reverse way, but be aware of few steep stages.

Valley of Luha

Údolím Luhu

This track goes through grazing land in the romantic valley of Luha brook, which is hemmed in sheer hillsides. The starting point is Stará škola hotel. Take the blue blazed track which should lead you to Vlčí skála (Wolf’s rock). This trip is great for both hiking and cycling.


From Sloup to Benešov

You can choose from two routes:

Kostel Povýšení Sv. kříže

a) This trail is blazed with blue markings – continue past Vlčí skála (Wolf’s rock) along Luha creek to a solitary farm Oborský dvůr, which is built on a small meadow beside a pond. From this farm the trail leads to Skelná huť and crossing the road, through the woods to Benešov. You’ll ascend to the highest point of Drahanská highland, which is called Skalky (735 m.a.s.l).Ze Sloupu do Benešova a) From Benešov the trail continues as cycle trail „Jantarová stezka“ through Suchý village to Sloup. You can bathe in a pond in Suchý. The way back goes through the woods again. You can continue on the asphalt road or go back to the Wolf’s rock and through the fields back to the hotel. This route is suitable mainly for hiking since bikers need some strength in the part along the brook from the Wolf’s rock to the farm.

b) Take the same trail blazed with blue markings, by the Wolf’s rock switch to cycle trail “Jantarová stezka” and continue passing Suchý to Benešov or you can turn to the route marked by dotted line in the map, which will lead you to Benešov via place called Skalky. This route is suitable for hiking and mainly for easy cycling as it follows the cycle trails.

It is also possible to take a bus from Benešov or Suchý on the way back.